Senior executive elected official with over 15 years of running effective, responsible, innovative government. Offering a strong background in auditing, with an emphasis in performance.  A Champion for Small and Large Businesses while creating a healthier community through strategic investments.

Major Accomplishments:

  •     3,500 Living wage jobs
  •     Over one billion dollars of new investments

Positions Held

Lane County Commissioner (2010- Present)

Legislates and administers County government within the limits of its authority granted in the Lane County Home Rule Charter. Board consists of five member elected board. Lane County contains the second largest metropolitan area, Eugene-Springfield.

Position Highlights

  • Cut Lane County government across the board by 20%
  • Reorganized from 14 departments to 9 and created significant efficiencies while continuing to provide critical services to the very needy.
  • Negotiated a new health care plan with our unions which saved Lane County at least $5 million/annually
  • Adopted a 10 year long-term public safety plan & Passed the first public safety levy to pass in over a generation to expanded jail beds

Springfield Mayor (2000-2010)

The mayor is a first among equals on the city council, which acts as a legislative body while executive functions are performed by the appointed manager. Leads city council.

Position Highlights

  • Road and Infrastructure improvements
    • Created Drinking water protection plan
    • Extension of Pioneer Parkway that was named MLK Parkway
    • 2 urban renewal districts, Downtown and Glenwood
    • Beltline/I-5 improvements including the flyover
    • Development of the Sports Center at 32nd Street
    • Created Bob Straub Parkway
    • Led Fire Merger
  • Established a vibrant downtown
    • New Royal Building in downtown
    • Completed Wildish Theatre
    • Emerald Empire Arts building – completed
  • Created a new Justice Center
  • Added diversity goal to Council goals
  • A Champion for Small and Large Businesses—New Arrivals:
    • Williams Bakery, Richardson Caps, Oregon Medical Labs, Sacred Heart Riverbend Cabela's, Down to Earth – warehouse, NEDCO, Symantec, Pacific Source, Hawes development, Royal Caribbean

Springfield City Councilor (1998-2000)

Bio: Sid Leiken was born in Roseburg, Oregon, where his family owned and operated timber and building development companies. His family eventually moved to Eugene where he graduated from South Eugene High School.

Educational Background: Sid attended college at both University Texas/Arlington and Northwest Christian College. He later served on the board of trustees at Northwest Christian College.

Family and Hobbies: Sid is married to Debbie and has two sons, Zach and Gabe. Leiken’s hobbies include playing golf, spending time with his family, listening and playing music.