Lane County and Regional Partners Tackle Affordable Housing

There was a great editorial from the Springfield and Eugene Boards of Realtors in the paper over the weekend. 

Springfield leaders target a barrier to affordable housing
— The Register-Guard, Guest Viewpoint, March 17, 2018

With our community becoming the second tightest housing market in the country we need solutions. One piece of the puzzle is to allow ADU's (Accessory Dwelling Units, think mother-in-law flats or tiny houses) in more places. Already the legislature passed legislation (SB 1051) in 2017 allowing cities and larger counties to permit ADU's in any area detached single family housing is allowed. Recently, a bill (HB 4034) was presented to the short session in 2018 to allow rural counties and small cities to do the same. Unfortunately, it died in committee. Fortunately, much of the language is in HB 4031, to be presented in the next session. It remains to be seen how reasonable regulations will affect the placement of ADUs. 

We are fortunate in Lane County to have partners in the legislature with Rep. Lively and Sen. Beyer. I thank them for coming together to serve the people of Lane County and all of the counties.
— Commissioner Sid Leiken

As much as counties may want to move forward on this issue it took action on the part of the state legislature to make it happen. That is why Commissioner Sid Leiken is an active part of AOC, Association of Oregon Counties. As a group, counties have a much bigger voice than that of any single commissioner. Commissioner Leiken serves as co-chair of the AOC committee combining Transportation, Economic Development, Land Use, Energy and Environment. Often, Commissioner Leiken can be seen in Salem testifying on a bill important to Lane County. 

Commissioner Leiken is an active partner working towards affordable housing options, not just in Lane County, but for all of Oregon. As a testament to the faith local stakeholders have in his ability, he was recently endorsed by the Springfield Board of Realtors and the Lane Homebuilders Association.