The Secretary of State Role

Oversees Corporate Division

My goal would be to provide a comprehensive suite of information that allows business owners and record keepers ease in maintaining and establishing business names and records. I will fight to keep business tax returns private. I would like to make Oregon once again become a preferred state to locate to and build a business that will be able to employ our children and grandchildren in the future.


My goal is to lead the election division to have open, fair, and nonpartisan elections. 

State Auditor

The Secretary of State oversees the state audit function—keeping state agencies accountable for the billions of dollars of our money they spend every year. The Secretary of State is the office that makes sure that state government spends our tax dollars wisely and does not waste them. I believe that a dollar misspent or wasted by any Oregon agency is a dollar not available to fund our education system. This lowers classroom sizes.

1 of the 3 members to the State Land Board

The State Land Board is where significant decisions are made about public state lands throughout our state. The administrative arm of the State Land Board called the Department of State Lands. The board has three members (Governor, Sec. Of State, & Treasurer) that serve as the trustees. Basically, the Department of State Lands brings recommendations to the three member board for their approval.

Keeper of State Archives

I am proud to be a 5th generation Oregonian. The Secretary of State’s office is in charge of maintaining the State Archives, and this is a role that I have a great interest in and would take pride in preserving.